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Say good-bye to heartburn pain and medication

Clinical Results for EsophyX TIF Procedure

Data supports the safety of TIF and its efficacy in eliminating acid reflux and GERD symptoms, reducing daily use of acid reflux medication. EsophyX TIF restores the original physiology and is a permanent solution for the reduction of acid reflux and GERD.

79-93% of patients are off of daily heartburn medication (PPIs)

79 93

TIF significantly improves GERD symptoms such as heartburn in 64-80% of patients

64 80

Long-term results support effectiveness in controlling GERD in more than 80% of patients


TIF has a superior safety profile compared to conventional anti-reflux surgery. Any discomfort associated with the procedure is usually 100% resolved within 3-4 weeks.

unnamed 3-4 weeks

Clinical studies showed that EsophyX TIF was more effective than PPIs in allowing significantly more patients to consume typical reflux-causing foods and maintain normal lifestyle activities without triggering GERD symptoms.


Clinical Studies

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